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    Thanking the Daemon in my head.

    Last night during, it’s one of the first few nights where I could remember the night, and it was one of those nights where existential angst’s, as the evening always brings with it, has come to me. For the last few days I’ve been binging on Numberphile videos, they are a set of amazing videos that showcase by interviews with researchers in the top of the fields, mathematics! Hence the youtube channel name Numberphile. When I’m into a new subject of interest, I tend to go all in, (as I do with climbing, productivity, Apple products, etc.). With the more…

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    My Method of Learning a New Language

    My background with language.  I have the advantages of being trilingual. I am fluent in reading and writing in English; I’m fluent in speaking in 2 of the Chinese dialects, Mandarin and Fuzhou-hua (More on what is a dialect, and language in another post). But growing up I didn’t understand the complexity of learning a new language from a formal standpoint, and I learned English when I was thrown into the world of English. Coming into the US when I was nine, in China, I learned English in elementary school. Apple was pronounced with a UK accent, more like Oppo,…

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    ADHD, and those who jump from hobby to hobby.

    A jack of all trades is a master of none. This post was a response to a community post in the ADHD community of Reddit here. ADHDers have under stimulated frontal lobe, more specifically in the executive function parts. Thus making us harder to focus on a subject and tend to jump from thought to thought. But not only thought to thought, if unaware of this issue, but ADHDers will also develop other life long problems. Such as issues like relationships, careers, fields of study, and most passively, hobbies. For me, I’ve seen how my relationships sometimes suffer from ADHD…