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  • Short Story
    Short Story

    Little Rowlings

    Nothing was perfect for her, at a very young age, she would read books and books all day and night. When she was in school all she cared for were the books in the library, her friends were thinking about boys and gossip about who they liked, but it was never her. The books she read were all fairy tale books, for whatever reason the fairy tale books would allow her to look into the sky outside and imagine a grand ending, a form of prince charming that would come to save her from what she thought was this boring…

  • Non-Fiction

    Constant Recollections

    2 am the time of recollection, the time that every movement I make seems to be a reach for the cake that recalls Proust’s memories. This one too, it’s so easy, so much, so sporadic in the days of social media that it’s everywhere. Can there be so many bookmarks of memory, so many recalls, that the ones we see as a long dead set, loses its saturation? In the end, the memory becomes a form of grayish color rather than the splendor of blackness. It could also be argued that in the past we didn’t have the chance to…