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  • Short Story
    Short Story


    “Turned on Spotify” The exams are coming, there is havoc on the news of racism and police brutality springs into the background of my phone. I need a break, rest, something that can keep me sane again. The walls of Starbucks don’t seem to help either, everyone is in their zone, while in the background, “Santa Clause is coming to town.” I need to get out of here. Where can I go that would alleviate me of all the stress? Maybe Narnia? Naw, that book is too young, what about into Summoners Rift? Naw, I’m only Bronze. I need grassland,…

  • Non-Fiction

    Foucault and Heidegger

    Two of the most influential philosophers in the 20th century are Heidegger and Foucault. Foucault offers us a genealogical account of power where the self is turned into subjects. Such an account acts as a blueprint that allows subjects to maneuver around the terrine of subjugation. On the other hand, Heidegger offers us an understanding and history regarding the nature of being: allowing self-deliverance from the world of inauthentic self to the authentic self so that we no longer view ourselves as objects. Both philosophers want to give an account of freedom through the notion of “Care”. In Heidegger, Care…

  • Non-Fiction

    On Home

    I had a conversation with my bro Andre a few days ago, about the concept of home. Ever since my parents found a restaurant in Niles Michigan I started living away from them. They moved to Niles back in 2007, and j stayed back in Ypsilanti since my parents didn’t want to separate me from what I spatially was acquaintance with. From then on when I would say that I’m going to Niles it always irks me to say I’m going “home.” movie box ios Niles Michigan isn’t my home; it’s a place where my parents live. Ypsilanti is my…

  • Culture

    Chinese cuisine labeled as “comfort food”.

    It’s difficult to make Chinese food appreciable in this country, possibly due to the transformation of this food into a form of American comfort food much like fast food and fast pizza. What’s interesting is that in this country, even around ann arbor we don’t seem to have the first class experience that we have with other Asian cuisines, such as Japanese (Yotsuba), Korean (Seoul Garden, or Tomukun Korean), or even South Asian cuisines(Tuptim). Even Indian restaurants(Shalimar) in this city can be fancy, but with authentic Chinese food, it’s in a rarity for me not finding one yet. I don’t…

  • Philosophical

    hand writing, scratches.

    handwriting notes are so intimate. they are so deliberate, in today’s day and age. you can see each marking, each mode of being. that scratch off, the fast motion slowing down to the small, pause. what should I say next, what should I ask, what is he thinking. questions like how is her cat doing. showbox Server Errorsthe anticipation, the tease, is no longer available through messaging now. a thought shall be sent, the other shall receive.