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    Time to continue the story

    I feel that I’ve already been the hero of my story in my lifetime. Maybe that’s why I feel that the world would be just right now, the world for me, the protagonist will be smooth sailing. Cause you know, the whole illegal immigration thing, I feel like that I’ve already been subjected to years and years of mental torture that it was enough. Maybe that’s the cause of my optimism in the future. Maybe that’s why when I see the world outside of my vicinity, my level of care for it is that it’s no longer my problem because…

  • Trips

    On the Privilege of Travel

    My Free Travels I’ve never traveled so much in my life before this past year and this year. Last night I just booked my ticket to Barcelona for as little as 75 bucks. Well, first I wanted to go to Germany, landing in Frankfurt, but I then discovered the use of “Fuel Surcharge Fees” aka additional charge for the sake of extra cost at a huge 400 bucks. Also, a few minutes ago, I discovered the use of miles from separate airlines for about the same price as round trip from a single airport. Instead, Barcelona España, the land of….. I…

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    A Day in Santa Barbara

    It’s cloudy with a hint of sprinkle rain, El Niño rain (before turning into The Man). The streets around here are filled with tourist (I’m one of them…. So I would like to sound like a hipster), mostly to be European and Latinos. I almost forgot that it’s supposed to be winter since you know, there are green plants, trees, leaves, and t-shirts roaming casually around (I’m sure the plants are wandering in spirit). Not a bad place to sit and have lunch, brunch to be honest. Instead of looking at Yelp for thirty mins ( feels like sixty ),…

  • Culture

    To Cheat, Maybe?

    To cheat, maybe? One of the moral lessons we learned in high school and maybe even some beginning college classes literature are the use of spoilers in reading. No Wikipedia entries, no SparkNotes, no external sources by none other than the self in reading a particular book. Until I realized that all of that doesn’t matter in the comprehension of a book. To read spoilers, and their interpretations of the text, to watch tutorials where the instructor gives us practices in the right direction the next lesson by telling us exactly what to do when we are in an unfamiliar land,…

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    Quick Thought on Kanye’s: The Life of Pablo

    Kanye has perfected all of his different styles of music, in his previous 6 albums and put all of that into this album. This is the greatest hits album that we’ve never heard of before. Kanye is a life troll, a shitposter on Twitter, the chaotic neutral of the media. His comments of Bill Cosby, of Taylor Swift, show his willingness to blow up all morals for the sake of performance. As witnessed by his postponing of producing this album from Friday to Saturday night, the modular nature of adding a song at the last minute makes this album purely…