Improvement and Progress in 2017

Improvement and Progress in 2017

Mid 2017, year of health and fitness progress report.

Physical Activities data using the Apple Health App in combination with the Apple Watch

Over the course of this year, I have completely changed my active life style and thus had a positive impact on my mental health. My measurements are put forth through the use of the Apple Watch which I’ve worn 85% of the days since day from April 24, 2015. I love data, I love measurements of data especially measuring myself, so the Apple Watch was a godsend for someone like me. For me, using the Apple Watch I was able to measure my physical movements, heart rates, and with the combination of those, exercise data as well. The Apple Watch according to the journal of personalized medicine has the lowest error rate when compared to other smart wearables in the measurement of heart rate and energy expenditure. Thus the use of the Apple Watch as a casual heart rate monitor and step counter for the amount of one’s activities should be accurate.

Down in the gallery features my life style in the last 19 month. As you can see, there have been am an improvement on the amount of outer red circle being completed since the beginning of 2017.

Key: the outer red ring demonstrates the level of activities in steps and calories I have moved. The second ring shows the amount of exercise in 30 mins per day that I have done. Activities are measured by the number of rapid hand movement as well as the change in heart rate which the Apple Watch activates. In the middle most ring shows some times that I have stood up throughout the day, for inactive individuals in the work force, those who do not get a chance to stand up shows a high amount of inactivity. Lastly, the green dot on the day shows that there was an active workout day, in since the beginning of 2017 the number of green dots has improved significantly as I an indoor climbing gym.

On the days where there are no ring inputs means that I did not wear the Apple Watch that day due to technical failures or human error.

  • Jan 2016 – Sept 2016, a full red outer ring equals to 650 calories of active energy expenditure.
  • Sept 2016 – Feb 2017, a full red outer ring equals to 520 calories of active energy expenditure.
  • March 2017,  a full red outer rings equals to 600 calories of active energy expenditure. This increase was being able to complete my red rings in Feb when I began to be more active.
  • April 2017, a full outer ring equals to 700 calories of active energy expenditure. Since a full workout of climbing means I was at least 800 calories, I increased it once again in May 2017 to 800 calories of active energy per day. I was able to sustain that up until today.

Workout Data Per Health App

Using the iPhone with the Apple Watch, here I include a second set of activities data to compare and contrast 2017 with 2016. When comparing the data, it is correlated to have a much higher activity in 2017 than it was in 2016. My Active energy increased when working out 3-4 times a week at the climbing gym, my amount of average exercise minutes also increased by three folds, and lastly, the number of workouts also has improved.

Sleep data using the Sleep Cycle app.

Not only has my activities improved, but my mental energy has been increasing as well due to the amount of sleep that has been enhanced since last year. Using a sleep monitoring app called Sleep Cycle,  this mobile app was able to track my sleep disturbance and lack of interference throughout my night. With it is sound recording feature as well as motion detection, the application can derive which cycle of sleep that you are currently going through. Typically the move movement throughout the night means less quality sleep. However, since a night of sleep is multiple cycles the best quality sleep is a few cycles of motion followed by inactivity throughout the night. The benefit of this app can spot trends in all the nights of sleep.

In the data below there is a positive increase in the sleep quality time in 2017, which is positively correlated with the amount of time in bed. With the wake up time being the same this year as last year, the time that I went to bed has shifted to earlier midnight rather than 3am as I was doing a year before. All that is thanks do the use of the antidepressant Lexapro that I started taking in February.

The last set of data is the decrease in my blood pressure since the beginning of this year, with every doctor’s visit I’ve improved my blood pressure to a more healthy range.


Thank you for taking the time to read this report, I love quantifying my life in trends that I can understand and see. This way of quantification allows one to hold accountable in the activities that they do, and thus to be able to better understand their health.