Being and Time, Martin Heidegger

Being and Time, Martin Heidegger

Why I think it’s important:

This book saved my life, with its ideas on how we interact with the world (phenomenology) and most importantly how we see death as a mode of interpreting the world. In Being and Time, the book is set up into two central sections or divisions: Development of the thinking self, and the development of thinking self on one’s finitude. In the first part, he gives us an introduction into how we interact with the world, and what kind of beings can interact with the world. His rehashing of classical definitions of the self and consciousness, and being is a form for deconstruction on the traditional definitions of philosophy starting with Plato, setting forth a new way of thinking about the world that hasn’t been done. In the second section, is what inspired me the most is with my interaction with death. When I was going through contemplations with suicide during my immigration cases. How even that form of contemplation would inspire me to look into the world differently, to view the world as a Dasein being in the world When Steve Jobs gave that Stanford speech on how his finitude impacted his revival into the world, I thought of Heidegger immediately and this book.


Difficulty of reading: 10/10

Requirement to read: 7/10, (10/10 for those whose face with death)

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