ADHD, and those who jump from hobby to hobby.

ADHD, and those who jump from hobby to hobby.

A jack of all trades is a master of none.

This post was a response to a community post in the ADHD community of Reddit here. ADHDers have under stimulated frontal lobe, more specifically in the executive function parts. Thus making us harder to focus on a subject and tend to jump from thought to thought. But not only thought to thought, if unaware of this issue, but ADHDers will also develop other life long problems. Such as issues like relationships, careers, fields of study, and most passively, hobbies.

For me, I’ve seen how my relationships sometimes suffer from ADHD when I lose friendships based on the lack of stimulation from them. It’s also caused me to get bored with my studies in the field of biochemistry and pharmacy causing me to switch to computer science in the senior year. Sometimes even now I am afraid that I’ll get bored with that as well (However, I am not giving up!). With hobbies, however, I tend to love my ability to jump from one to another. Since a lot these hobbies have great lessons under them, it’s benefited me in the sense that these hobbies have passively taught me important life skills that can be valuable in our daily lives.

The really cool thing about this is that because I am a serial starter, the hobbies and interest give me an introduction to the subject that can make my life easier, as well as it can be a lifelong skill as well!

Some Examples:

* Churning, /r/churning, taught me about how to organize my credit score, what’s a credit score, how to get free flights, and how to balance 15 credit cards at one. Started this interest in 2015, ever since then I went to more than 10 places already 🙂

* Swing dancing phase, back in 2010 or so, I got into swing dancing for a few weeks. I’ve learned the basics of beats and steps! Rhythms are critical too. I haven’t swing since then, but it’s not that hard to pick it up again for funsies.

* Apple products teaches me how to buy and consult my friends on which Apple product to get. I’ve always been a tech person. /r/apple

* Learning multiple languages at an intro level gives me an understanding of how language worked and taught me that I can learn many languages with a 3 month advance to a level of fluency. It also taught me how to teach people how to think about language /r/languagelearning I did a few weeks of German, Spanish, and Japanese. I am a beginner in those languages, but it was really cool when I was in the Duesseldorf airport and was able to speak bad German with Germans. It was also really cool that I could make Spaniard laugh with my mierda Espanol.

* Learning about sociology and philosophy taught me how to be calmer with ADHD, as well as a better perception of the self concerning society. /r/CriticalTheory

* I got into the productivity podcast phase back in late 2014, and now I don’t listen to as many podcasts about it anymore, but I learned a lot of skills that taught me how to offset my crappy short term memory issue! Particularly important is that I learn the Getting things done method 🙂 I wrote about it here, if you wanna read about it.

* Audiophile mode when I got my first pair of Audio-Technica ATH-M50x, that phase was around early 2015, got me introduced me to what good clear music truly sounds like. 🙂 /r/headphones

* Cooking! I wanted to learn how to cook Peking Duck one day, so that taught me different cooking techniques in Chinese cuisine.

* I went through the “learning about seduction” phase, back in 2010, and was reading a lot on the /r/seduction sub, it taught me different styles of how to be confident in oneself, and really boosted my confidence when I combine this and the next thing.

* I went through the fitness phase and started lifting. I was introduced to Broscience, /r/weightroom , /r/Fitness and most importantly /r/swoleacceptance those places taught me the fundamental so fitness, and how to consult people who want to start lifting, while helping them in gaining more self-confidence in the gym.

* I also got into the biking phase too, bought a Trek 1.1 and biked a lot that summer, as well as the next. I will get back to this when the weather is nicer. This also taught me much about enjoyment of cycling, the fresh air, and the endorphins biking produces!!

* Data! I have an obsession with data. There are multiple tracker style apps on my phone and my computer that tracks different aspect of my life. I use a scrobbler that show’s you what I’ve been listening to since 2008. For health and fitness, I use a sleep tracker app on my phone that show’s how my sleep quality goes every night. My Apple Watch tracks my steps and heart rate, which I can use the health app to visualize.

* Graphic design, and WordPress. I’m no web developer, but I went through the graphic-design phase when I graduated from high school. Got me a few freelance jobs, it was pretty neat. It also makes me a pretty decent consultant for people who needs design work and been able to guide them in the proper questions too! Here’s my website that I need to fix! (exam tomorrow, no time to fix lol)

* Oh I also did some photography work too and learned the rule of 3 that I always applied to my iPhone photos. The importance of shading and photography was taught by more specifically Chris Orwig’s segments. I got a Nikon D3200 camera that summer.

Anyways, all these skills I don’t put 100% percent of my time in, but it becomes a great source of background knowledge that I don’t need constant maintenance. But as they say “A jack of all trades is a master of none, but often better than a master of one.”

Referenced Book

The Neo-Generalist