On Home

On Home

I had a conversation with my bro Andre a few days ago, about the concept of home. Ever since my parents found a restaurant in Niles Michigan I started living away from them. They moved to Niles back in 2007, and j stayed back in Ypsilanti since my parents didn’t want to separate me from what I spatially was acquaintance with. From then on when I would say that I’m going to Niles it always irks me to say I’m going “home.” Niles Michigan isn’t my home; it’s a place where my parents live. Ypsilanti is my home city, but aside from the apartment I lived in since 2008 and before that my uncles house that I lived in for seven years, there’s not a physical house that I can call home. What about China? Well, as an exile there for about 16 years as a child kind of shake the idea of home there too.

I suppose to live this lifestyle of a homeless not home-less would shake the traditional notion of a nuclear family household. To allow us to speed up the nature of queer, of what is not normal, to question conservative notions of tradition and speed up that mental process that examines all things.



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