“Turned on Spotify”

The exams are coming, there is havoc on the news of racism and police brutality springs into the background of my phone. I need a break, rest, something that can keep me sane again. The walls of Starbucks don’t seem to help either, everyone is in their zone, while in the background, “Santa Clause is coming to town.” I need to get out of here.

Where can I go that would alleviate me of all the stress? Maybe Narnia? Naw, that book is too young, what about into Summoners Rift? Naw, I’m only Bronze. I need grassland, I need a battle, I need to wait why is there smells of piss around me. Oh yes, I need Zanerkan. My father told me to never go there without music since that land is the manifestation of the music that occurs in one’s mind. So kind of like the Room of Requirements those wizarding kids go to, back in the 1990s. Remember the wizard Potter fighting the snake dude without the nose?

I took out my key link, it’s a small black metal square piece with four interwoven circles around the center. This core is called atomic-underworld-dimensional-interface, it allows me to go to whatever dimension I want to, and all I have to do is to insert it into my car. All I have to do is to set the coordinates.
Coordinate number: 3-1-8-0-0-8

The whole car seems to turn into some form of spongey material then everything seems like 2D, then why is the dog on fire…., AHHHHHHh. My arms and legs are no longer fins and gills now, and the car seems to materialize on top of a grassy plane overlooking two sides of the flat green land. It always hurts when I go through another dimensionalI mean having your atomic structure rearranged and digitized while transferring through a wormhole may seem fun, but let’s just leave it to the pros for now.

So, this is Zanerkan; finally, I can have some fresh air and away from the Michigan cold. I put my headphones on and lay on the grass while watching Apollos pulling his divine chariot across the blue sky. Hours went by, well, for what it seems like hours, time and space in this dimension are a bit different than the one you’re reading right now, the good news is it’s always slower here than it is out there in the world.

“Beep beep beep.”

It was a Facebook Alert from Ryan, what’s weird is that my car seems to still transmit networking signals from the world that you’re in right now.

Ryan: Check out Two Hearts from Two Steps From Hell.
I went through my music device and looked for it, the song was glorious, epic, frenzy, well that was the word.

“Oh shi…….t”

Remember when I told you that the environment of Zanerkan is the physical manifestation of the music you’re listening to?

A massive torrenting fog in the shape of a cone came from the blue sky and onto the land below. Below the hill, two armies manifested. Two royal armies, one on the east side and one on the west side of the ground down below. To my surprise, this land seems to take into account all of the materials I have read so far, going from my love for Chinese Mythology to the ancient Greek Myth, and even modern day fantasy such as the lord of the ring trilogies. In my previous travel to this land, I’ve experimented with Eminem, which produced assortments of robot fighting. When I listened to Melody Gardot, I witness the rabbit moon goddess dancing away with her comely handmaidens while seeing little Piggy attempting to cat call her. When I listen to Daft Punk, I saw…… lots of robots, but unlike Eminem, they seem to just lose themselves to dance. Alright enough explaining, I’ve got to take cover before I am spotted. I drove my car away from the side of the hill, took out my iPad and zoomed right into the battle

Climbing on the west side of the field, it seems like they are these half human half horse creatures, wait, OH SHIT, they’re centaurs!! That’s pretty fucking awesome actually. The centaurs stood at 8 feet height, the top half being human and from the waist down, it’s all horse baby, in theory, they should have two rib cages but that’s just side note, and I wonder how they have sex…. Side note to the side note. Alright, focus. The formation of the centaurs is in a square formation, with what seems to be melee centaurs in the from line, facing the center of the field which is creek flowing from the hill I’m observing from. Behind the firsts set of centaurs are two pockets of what seems like really tall humanoids with staffs. Zooming in further with my shitty iPad camera (seriously Tim, make some better cameras on your iPad, 8 megapixels are simply not enough to film the epic nature of this battle, jeez) the tall humans with staffs. Those humanoids have long gray beards, wearing some form of the long brown hood covering their hoof-like legs. Oh, one of pointed their staffs to the ground and bones manifested out of the grown, following muscles, and finishing with dark patches of fur covering the summoned animal. From one, comes many, one by one the tall humanoids all started pointing their staff forward and sounds of howling and growling came from the ground below. Fighters, summoners, and now undead animals all lined up.

Forty feet behind the summoners and the fighters are centaurs holding on to their arrows and crossbows. The ones with the crossbows are in the front while the ones with the long bows are the units in the farthest back. I’ve always wanted a crossbow, I should steal one when they are done killing each other.

On the east side of the river, elves, and most of them are sitting on those huge walking creatures probably around 6 feet tall! Like the formation of the centaurs, the first lane facing the river are these quad pedal creatures that are formed by what seems to be like timber wolves with entangled branches throughout the structure of the body. Their heads are are similar to wolves except their neck which had large vines connecting their neck to their buttocks for securing the rider’s position. Sitting on top of the animated timber wolves are tall humanoid figures with skinny hollow cheeks. Their slender green body all have tribular marks on them from the ritualization process of going from young ones to old adult ones, in the shape of leaves circling through their entire body. Elves, I will start calling them elves, and they sit on golems much easier to say the least.

Behind the front line, there form two pockets of creatures, this time, bipedal large stone golems with elves sitting on their backs in some way of carrying seat. The elves on this group all take great rods that are used to channel a funnel of green energy to their golems, that must be the golem’s energy source. In between the two large pocket of golems stands a large orc-like creature that is comparatively greater than any other creature on the field, a 10 footed brown fur creature with a face compared to a wild boar. The orc’s hand had three large fingers with battle armor encrusting the entirety of its body. Their general is a tall forest Elf sitting on top of the orc holding on to a golden repeating crossbow.
Out of nowhere, the clouds assembled over the what was the clear sky. Zeus threw a shot of lighting with his right fist onto the soundless plane, and the floor started to tremble.


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