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  • ADHD

    10 Ways I reduce my complexity in my life.

    A Response: This post is a response to a Redditor on the ADHD subreddit where he asked what are some tips that would allow ADHDer to be more productive in school and life. I may not be the best person to set examples to this post since I have failed many classes in my college career. However, I wasn’t diagnosed with ADHD until this year. I also wasn’t aware that I had ADHD and thought I was utterly terrible at being productive. When I was diagnosed this year, it was one of the best…

  • ADHD

    ADHD, and those who jump from hobby to hobby.

    A jack of all trades is a master of none. This post was a response to a community post in the ADHD community of Reddit here. ADHDers have under stimulated frontal lobe, more specifically in the executive function parts. Thus making us harder to focus on a subject and tend to jump from thought to thought. But not only thought to thought, if unaware of this issue, but ADHDers will also develop other life long problems. Such as issues like relationships, careers, fields of study, and most passively, hobbies. For me, I’ve seen how my relationships sometimes suffer from ADHD…

  • App Recommendations
    App Recommendations

    My Favorite Mac Apps of 2016

    There have been many transformations every year on how I approach my MacBook Pro, mainly due to ever changing new obsessions that would last for a few weeks. However, this year there has been two factors that changed the way I approach how I use my MacBook Pro. The first being the introduction of ADHD into my life by ways of formal diagnosis. Since now that I’ve been diagnosed, and therefore more aware of how my mind operates I’ve set out new ways counter some of the inabilities that a person without ADHD would have to worry about. Secondly, a…

  • ADHD

    Overcoming bad short term memory

    Background One of the symptoms of ADHD is the sensory overload that occurs in our daily lives. It is as though you are looking through a window of constant raindrops, and the raindrops are new thoughts that always seeks your attention. Those attentions then replace the current stream of thought, making it harder to recall what is going on. Short term management is part of the executive function part of the brain. Executive functions also include attention, working memory (short term memory), and inhibitory control (impulsivity). ADHD brains have a lower executive function than those without ADHD. Thus we have…