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  • Culture

    Normalizing my passport

    I used to hate carrying my passport, living a life fearing deportation does that to you. A passport should symbolize as a key to other countries due to international treaties. As a key that allows you to be a citizen of the world. But to me, for over ten years, was gold because it was my only true form of identification in the US. To me, the passport was only an identification rather than the passport. When my driver license expired when I turned 21, my American form of identification was gone for a few month. All I had to me was…

  • Thoughts

    Growing up in constant dichotomy

    Oh before I forget these are the mails your mom use to send you when she tried to go to the US in 97. Not only that but I’ve seen your Weixin (Wechat, 微信) and here is a pen for you, it’s a fountain pen. I wasn’t sure what it was, the wrinkles on her face, the constant battle for a calmness on my great aunt’s face that set me off. It was then that the 17 years of the repressed feelings that opened, and I began to cry. Looking back now at my cousin’s house(表姑的家), I realized that I’ve…

  • Thoughts

    Gift Guide: For the minimalist in your life.

    If they’re a minimalist and thus frugal, they probably don’t want anything for Christmas. Here is a list of things you can get them for this holiday season. Exit the browser, call them up, and say “Yo, we gettin coffee.” Happy Holidays.

  • Thoughts

    Time to continue the story

    I feel that I’ve already been the hero of my story in my lifetime. Maybe that’s why I feel that the world would be just right now, the world for me, the protagonist will be smooth sailing. Cause you know, the whole illegal immigration thing, I feel like that I’ve already been subjected to years and years of mental torture that it was enough. Maybe that’s the cause of my optimism in the future. Maybe that’s why when I see the world outside of my vicinity, my level of care for it is that it’s no longer my problem because…

  • Trips

    On the Privilege of Travel

    I’ve never traveled so much in my life before this past year and this year. Last night I just booked my ticket to Barcelona for as little as 75 bucks. Well, first I wanted to go to Germany, landing in Frankfurt, but I then discovered the use of “Fuel Surcharge Fees” aka additional fee for the sake of additional fee at a staggering 400 bucks. Also, a few minutes ago, I discovered the use of miles from separate airlines for about the same cost as round trip from a single airport. Instead, Barcelona España, the land of….. I have no clue,…